Magic to Replace our Sadness !!!

Magical way of replacing our sadness with happiness !!!!!!

4/16/20234 min read

Do you ever wonder about how to forget someone or something from your memories since that brings you all the memories about a particular person or a place , which you do not want to think about , but it keeps on coming again and again and very hard to resist those memories so you start avoiding going to that particular place or stop doing certain things to avoid those memories .... Most of us use this avoiding mechanism to escape from those sad memories which is just a temporary solution but not a permanent one ..

I know some might think like why is it a temporary solution ? Because you can avoid something which is under your control , but there are plenty of things which are not under your control , so eventually you cannot avoid them all the time , there will be definitely occurrence of some events which will again bring back all the sadness , so your next question might be what to do in that case ? I have a small and easy magic which works out for me absolutely .... You can try it and let me know if that is working out for you too ...

Imagine if you want to forget about some place , for example a particular restaurant or a beach , you do not want to go to there because you have been many times to that place already with someone , maybe with your ex-lover , ex-best friend , or anyone , but right now you do not have that person in your life , so if you go to that particular place , obviously you will get all the memories which might make you miss that person or become sad instantly since all the old memories will flash in your mind ... What I did for myself was I started going to the same place again with anyone else , maybe with my friends or family and started creating more happy memories in the same place , so that when I go or think about that place next time , This happy memory which I created currently with my friends/family will pop up in my mind instead of all the old memories ..

This is just an example I gave , take another example in another context , if you are facing repeated failures in one field of work or studies , what is going to happen just because of thinking about the same failures again and again ... Instead of feeling sad about the old sadness , let's create new happiness for ourselves , so in this case if you start studying well for the next exam , if you start working well in your field of work , and get some appreciation/success as a result of your hard wok , next time only the memories of this success will come into your mind by pushing the failure memories back ...

To put it in simple words , imagine there are lots of books on a table ,and you do not want a math book and the top one is a math book which is easily accessible now since it is in the first place , but if you keep adding more and more history books on top of it , it will become difficult to take out that math book now even if you try since there are lots of history books on top of it ... the simple basic logic is to add the things which we want , so that things which we do not want will slowly go away from us ..

Instead of running away from something or some place or some sad memories , REPLACE those with happy memories .. For instance if you had a bad day at work because of some incident , try to shift your focus to special dinner that day , instead of taking usual dinner , go out and have something which you like or do any small thing in that day which can bring you happiness so that you are replacing small sad incidents with happy ones ....

Since it is not in our control to stop sad things from happening , All we can do is create more and more happy memories which no one can stop you from doing .. This Life is all yours and nobody can stop you from being happy .. Instead of keeping all the sad memories in our hearts and avoiding them temporarily , Let's take a bold step of facing those fears and creating happy memories in the same place where we lost !!!! I Accept that when we do it initially , it will be very difficult for the first time ..Like when you go to that particular beach which you were avoiding , definitely during first time it will bring all the old memories which might make you feel sad , but after that one day , you will not fear or avoid that place again because now you have faced your fear , taken a very bold step of overcoming those sadness , now you would have definitely created some happy memories in the same place , so yes , likewise go often , buy some nice things , do whatever you can to bring some good memories when you visit that place again ..

When you cannot stop sad things from happening , what is stopping you from creating new happy memories ?... Try it , developing a small habit of creating a new happy memory for every sad thing that has happened already , can bring tremendous happiness , it has the power to replace all your sadness with happiness ...When we have the power to do it , let's try once ... once you start feeling the happiness , you will keep creating more and more happy memories as you will come to know that whatever you create will multiply into many , so is your happiness !!!! Let's try to stop avoiding mechanism and become bold enough to face it by replacing all our sad memories into happy ones !!!!! It is not like you do it one time and it will become done , no never . This is a never ending process , whenever you encounter something unpleasant in any stage of your life , replace it with happy ones .. Trust me , You will really love this magic once you start feeling the positive effects of it !!!!!