Hello , it's me Vasavi

I am a 24 year old girl who loves to express things straight away from my heart into words !!! An engineer by profession , an explorer by passion. I love travelling , exploring new places , meeting new people , exploring their culture and learning new things. I am A learner for life and an extrovert who just loves to interact with people !!!

A few of my favourite things

  • Sai Baba and visiting all temples ( Because I feel completely peaceful and I can feel myself there)

  • Chocolates and ice creams ( My instant dose of happiness)

  • Travel

  • Dresses ( I shop a lot )

  • All cute accessories

  • Mangoes ( A day in Summer never goes without eating atleast one mango )

  • Most Favourite Person -- Dad , my instant therapist and my whole world !!!

  • Photographs , i really love making memories and keeping them forever in the form of photos !!!

  • Smiles, i love to smile and i love to see people smiling too

  • My favourite hobby is drawing , i love making pencil sketches ,from drawing mandalas to portraits of people , all forms of pencil sketches are like a therapy to me , i find happiness in little things of life !!!!

    The Reason for starting this blog is to pen down my thoughts into words as I love expressing things which turned out as my hobby now and thus resulted into this blogging !!!! Here you will find all topics related to Self love , self help , some little bit of travel and about all the things which I find interesting in life !!!!