Let's Smile a little more !!!!

Vasavi Ramalingam

4/8/20234 min read

Let's Smile a little more !!!

Everything that comes without any price is undervalued nowadays in the world in which we live today , Hence the value of Smile is also undervalued. It may come with no cost , but you can never imagine the powerful effects it has.

Imagine it's the first day in your new office and you meet someone with a pleasant and bright Smile , it will definitely make your day and give good vibes as well as confidence. Imagine A random baby crossing you in the streets gives a bright smile by looking at you , you will instantly feel happy and forget all your worries for a matter of time..

You will feel light hearted when you smile a lot , for instance if you develop the habit of smiling when something is not going the way you planned , because we all will face some circumstances in our day to day lives when somethings will not go how we planned/expected to be and those will not be in/under our control , why to stress about it when it's not in our control , instead if we learn to smile about it , we will not get tensed or we will not worry about it which in turn will help us to focus better on the things which are under our control.

Let me take you into the magical effects your smile can bring within yourself as well as to the people around you !!! Lets first start seeing how many magical effects our smile can bring within ourselves !!!

Imagine you are standing before a mirror and looking at yourself and adoring you , are you able to Smile by looking at yourself before the mirror ? If so , you love yourself , you adore yourself and most importantly you accept yourself as you are despite all the flaws . Imagine you are taking a selfie , are you able to smile at yourself while taking a selfie ? This is very important in our life to accept us as we are and love us exactly for who we are , that's why experts say to take at least one selfie in a day if you want to increase your self confidence !!!! Try it if you want to increase your self confidence , it will be fun , day by day , you will start loving yourself more and become more confident about you !!!

Now Let's jump into what magical effects your Smile can bring to the people around you , it could be your family members , your neighbors , your colleagues or even random strangers you meet !!!

If you have a neighbor who always gives a bright Smile when you go for a morning walk , who always gives a bright and pleasant smile when you start to office from your home , could be your gym buddy who gives a bright smile when you enter the gym , could be an office buddy who gives bright smile every morning in the office , all these Smiles can definitely make your day as well as give you more energy to do better or to start off the day in a Positive and happy note !!!! Now You could ask me Vasavi what if we don't have such people around us , You start being that person who gives a bright smile to everyone around you , you be that person who brings a positive change to everyone around you , as we know Change always starts with us first , when you start being that person , people around you will eventually start to smile back which will make your day too !!!

We are not paying any price for this , this is absolutely free which gives us a positive environment to live in. There are people in some countries taking laugher therapy by paying money as part of stress relief program to reduce stress and anxiety. This clearly shows us the tremendous mental health benefits the Smile gives us. Not only it gives good vibrations to people around us , but also helps to benefit ourselves . Okay now since I told the importance of Smile , I hope you do not smile in all the situations where smiling is not appropriate Like do not smile when your boss is scolding you and tell that vasavi you told to smile a little more . For instance when someone is expressing their pain please do not smile and embarrass the whole audience. Given that point , it is really important to check that our smile should not hurt anyone's feelings. As we are all matured enough to know where to smile and where not to smile , Let's start smiling a little more in our everyday lives which could touch many lives , Even though a Smile might be a small expression which lasts only for few minutes , the effect it creates on another individual is enormous !!! You never know how many lives you have touched with your bright Smile , let your smile brings confidence in you , shows your self confidence to everyone , let it build confidence in other human beings , let your Smile spread love and calmness to everyone around you , Let your smile heal you and brings lot and lots of happiness to you as well as to people around you ..... Let's Smile a little more from now !!!! Wrote this with a bright Smile on my Face !!!!