Can a lost human being rescue own self ?

A story on how a lost human being rescue own self !!!


3/25/20244 min read

An enthusiastic man Jack planned to go for a Forest Park hike. Jack has covered many hikes previously with groups and Solo too. But he has never done forest park hike yet , So he was over enthusiastic to do this Hike !!! He was fully prepared for this hike and Started on one fine day early morning . After reaching the start point , He interacted with the people over there and a group of people joined him too as he started the Hike. At first it started good , but later in the night , the group who started along with him halted in a place for rest. But Jack resisted to take rest , and he wanted to go further at that moment itself. So he continued the hike Solo into the dense forest in the night. After going a good amount of distance into the deep forest , He suddenly saw a huge Scary Owl flying here and there , he tried to go away from it , but it got on top of his neck with full rage , he was scared , lost for a moment !!! But he gathered the courage and ran away somehow from that place by escaping from that Huge Scary Owl . He continued the hike further. After a moment , he heard a noise , a noise of Boots walking behind him , he turned and saw , but nobody was there. He continued further , the noise of the Boots walking towards him continued too !!! He panicked and stopped walking. As he stopped walking , the noise of the boots also stopped. This made him panic further !!! This moment he was totally lost thinking someone is following him , but he could not identify who was that ? A hundred of questions raised inside himself , is the follower going to kill him ? kidnap him ? and so on ... He screamed for help but nobody could hear him !!! He was out of cellular network coverage area and unable to reach anyone for help.

He was LOST COMPLETELY !!! How did he save himself !!!!

Life throws us in such kind of situations often where we get lost completely , How do we save ourselves when nobody is there to help ?

There are instances in day to day human lives , where difficulties kill our inner strength and make us feel lost , How do we overcome it !!!!

Jack took a moment to relax , and made him courageous by realizing that nobody is there to help him at that moment and if keeps standing in the same place with fear , nothing is going to happen. He Started running away from that place instantly although he had fear and when he had no idea where he is reaching to , still he continued running away from that place , while running he kept hearing the noise of the Boots heavily towards him , Along with that so many noises in his mind saying he is lost , someone is going to kill him , he is in danger and he is not going to survive!!! Still with the fear he continued running. After a while he sees a light from some tall place , After seeing the light Jack felt a bit hopeful , he kept running towards that light , the scary noises inside his mind stopped and he kept running towards the light even though he was tired and had no energy. Jack was almost near the light , and he observed that the noise of the Boots stopped , he no more heard the scary noise which threatened him like anything. Subsequently he reached the light and saw a beautiful scenery there with water flowing among dense tress , along with the light , few individuals were there !!! JACK was happy that he got a to see a beautiful view and double happy when he saw some humans over there !!! JACK indeed rescued himself !!! WHO WAS THAT SCARY NOISE OF THE BOOTS who followed JACK then ?

In Our Everyday lives , we have so many scary noises following us , As Jack encountered the scary owl climbing on him , although he escaped from it , the noise of BOOTS scaring him raised after he encountered the Owl. Similarly when a challenge/failure occurs to us , even though if we overcome it , sometimes after overcoming that , a fear comes inside us thinking Am I a failure ? Am i not enough ? Can't I do this ? Am I not capable ? and thousand of such questions . Here Jack encountered a Scary owl incident , two options in his case could have been possible , he could have thought that he overcame a scary incident successfully , should have felt proud of him and continued further , But Jack chose the second option subconsciously. He got a fear inside him , that he did not realize , which further made him think that someone wearing BOOTs was following him and going to kill him and so on. In our lives , are we choosing the first option or the second option ? So by now you would know the sound of the BOOTS who was scaring JACK to death was his own imaginary thoughts which raised because of the scary owl incident.

During difficult situations in our everyday lives, we often tend to hear many negative voices in our own mind questioning our self worth. Jack just ignored those negative voices in his mind and continued running in spite of having fear in his heart . Are we ignoring those voices and in spite of having heavy fear in our heart , are we continuing in our own path of self rescue like Jack ? If we do so , no matter how many challenges or failures we face in our lives , we will continue to overcome those without letting that affect us in any way .Like Jack , are we not getting stuck in a place during difficult situations ? When we do that We will also develop inner strength to continue further despite of many challenges , and once we start doing that even though we do not have any time frame on when these challenges will get over , when we continue further and further no matter how tired we are , we will also find our light of HOPE and reach our beautiful destination !!! All these will happen only when we don't get stuck in one place in life during difficult situations. JUST MOVE ON WITH HOPE , even though currently there is no LIGHT , soon you will see your LIGHT in your Life !!!

JACK will continue taking many such challenging hikes and overcome the challenges and so are we in our lives :)